35340: Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7/11.5 for Exchange: Mailbox Backup Fails with "Mailbox is hidden from Address Lists"

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Last update: Wed, 2019-09-04 21:47

If you attempt a mailbox backup including hidden mailbox, you receive an error. Unhide the mailbox in order to perform a mailbox backup


  1. You attempt to a run mailbox-level backup or a database-level backup with the Include mailboxes and folders or Include e-mails options;
  2. After providing credentials to access Microsoft Exchange Server, the backup attempts fails with the following error:

    The mailbox 'admin@acronis.com' is hidden from the address lists


The most probable cause is that the mailbox of the user whose credentials you specify to access the Microsoft Exchange Server does not exist or is hidden from GAL (Global Address List).

In seldom cases, the issue could also be related to that a mailbox specified  in the backup is hidden from address lists in Exchange Server.


There are three possible workarounds available:

Make sure that the mailbox of the user under which you are trying to back up:

  • Is a real existing mailbox;
  • Is not hidden. If it is, please unhide it:
    1. On the Microsoft Exchange Server log into Administrator;
    2. Go to View -> Hidden recipients;
    3. Select the recipient whose mailbox you are trying to back up;
    4. Go to Properties -> Advanced;
    5. Deselect the Hidden from Address Book checkbox.
  • If you are on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and the mailbox both exists and is not hidden, activate the mailbox by logging into it from Microsoft Outlook at least once.
  • Perform a Microsoft Exchange Information Store backup.

More information

If you backup the Microsoft Exchange Information Store with hidden mailboxes and try to perform mailbox recovery of such mailboxes, it will fail with the similar error. Restore the whole information store or unhide the maibox and recreate the backup in order to resolve the issue.