35288: Acronis Cyber Backup: Using Acronis Bootable Media to Boot in RHEV

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Last update: 01-05-2020

In order to boot a virtual machine in a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) environment using Acronis bootable media, follow these steps:

  1. Upload ISO image to virtual machine hosted on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.
  2. Launch RHEV Manager Administration portal.
  3. On the side pane, select the Tree tab. On System, click the + icon to display the available data centers.
  4. Double-click the Default data center and click Storage. The available storage domains display on the results list. Click New Domain.
  5. When the New Domain dialog box displays, in Domain Function / Storage Type select ISO:
  6. From the host machine, run the below command to upload the ISO image to ISO domain.

    rhevm-iso-uploader -v --iso-domain=ISO upload /<ISO_Path>

    For example:
    rhevm-iso-uploader -v --iso-domain=ISO upload /tmp/rhel-server-5.8-x86_64-dvd.iso

  7. After the images have been uploaded, check that they are available for use in the Manager Administration portal.
    1. Navigate to the Tree and click Expand All.
    2. Under Storage, click the name of the ISO domain. It displays in the results list. Click on it to display its details pane.
    3. On the details pane, select Images tab. The list of available images should populate with the files which you have uploaded:
  8. Select Virtual Machine, edit the settings and select Attach ISO.
  9. Select the ISO image from the ISO domain.
  10. Power on the Virtual Machine.