34915: True Image 2013 by Acronis: Error Creating Public Links If the File Is Not Synchronizing with the Acronis Cloud

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Last update: 19-09-2012

Make sure the file is included in a sync with the Acronis Cloud and the synchronization has completed successfully before generating a public link for that file

This article applies to:

  • True Image 2013 by Acronis


You attempt to create a public link of one of your files or folders.

  1. In Windows Explorer, you right-click the file or folder and select True Image -> Publish -> Email link or Copy link.

  2. Nothing happens. The link is not created.


This is by design. You cannot create a public link to a file or folder that is not part of the sync to Acronis Cloud.


Include the file or folder that you want to publish in a sync with Acronis Cloud:

  1. Follow instructions from True Image 2013 by Acronis: Synchronization between Different Computers under One Account to start a sync. Include the file or folder with the file you want to publish in that sync. Make sure you click on Yes when asked whether to use Acronis Cloud.
  2. Wait until the synchronization completes successfully. You will see a small green mark icon on files that are synchronized correctly.
  3. Now you can create the public link.

(!) If you just back up a file to Acronis Cloud with the "Backup" function without synchronization, you still will not able to generate a public link for the file.

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