34867: True Image 2013 by Acronis: Windows Integration

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Windows integration options

This article applies to:

  • True Image 2013 by Acronis


You can customize True Image 2013 integration into Windows.

The following Windows integration options are available within the product:

  • Acronis console in Windows Control Panel (Windows 7 only) - Substitutes the default Windows 7 backup and restore option with True Image 2013. Disabling this option will automatically bring back the built-in Windows backups;
  • The Acronis Recovery tab in the Properties window - Right-click on a file that has a backed up version and explore or recover it;
  • Shortcut menu operations - Integration of True Image 2013 operations into context menu.

To customize the integration, do the following:

Click the settings button and select Integrate True Image into Windows...

More information

All the three integration options can be enabled/disabled with no interference with each other.