33823: Acronis vmProtect: Exchange-Aware Backup Task Creation Fails on Checking Credentials

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Description of how to troubleshoot and fix the issue by enabling Exchange-aware option on the stage where login credentials are checked

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  • Acronis vmProtect


  1. You go through the backup wizard and enable the Exchange-aware backup option;
  2. When prompted, you provide login credentials inside the Exchange guest OS;
  3. The check for credentials fails with the following errors:
  4. These are general errors (always the same):

    An error has occurred while executing command 'check_domain_credentials_valid'.
    An error has occurred while probing the guest OS credentials.
    An error occured while verifying credentials (ID: 564DFD89-BD11-9721-8E8B-90043B5BB122).
    Failed to log in to virtual machine '[Datastore3] Server/Server.vmx'.

The last error in the stack varies depending on the root case. This error is returned by VMware VIX API. See the resolution section for each specific error mentioned below:

  1. Failed to resolve host
  2. There was an error in communication
  3. Timeout error while waiting for VMware Tools to start in the guest
  4. Failed to retrieve object access information. Specified entry does not exists: 'GUID'.
  5. The operation is not allowed in the current state.
  6. fault.GuestComponentsOutOfDate.summary

Here is an example of the error (emulated by stopping VMware Tools Service):


The issue is caused by the fact that VMware VIX API is unable to log into the guest OS of the VM due to the reasons described in the resolution section.


  1. "Failed to resolve host." The issue is that the vmProtect Agent is unable to resolve the ESX(i) host or the vCenter (registered under Configure -> ESX(i) hosts) using VIX. The possible reasons include:

    • There is IPv6 address used by VIX automatically which fails. The solution is to disable IPv6 in the NIC properties on the machine running vmProtect Agent (in case it is a Windows Agent) as described in Microsoft KB: Disabling IPv6
    • There are issues with the DNS settings in the vmProtect Agent configuration (especially when the Virtual Appliance is configured to use manual IP settings). You should check the DNS server settings in the Virtual Appliance console (opened via vSphere client).
  2. "There was an error in communication". This is a general VIX error indicating low-level communication problems between the agent (vmProtect Agent) executing the VIX operation and the ESX(i) host (for the error description see VMware KB: Error Codes). It is most likely caused by the network settings applied to vmProtect Agent which has problems connecting to the ESX(i) host on TCP port 902 and/or 443.

    • Check the firewall settings of the ESX(i) host to ensure that the necessary ports are opened.
    • Try registering ESX(i) host instead of vCenter in vmProtect Agent (in Configure -> ESX(i) hosts) and see if the issue persists.
  3. "Timeout error while waiting for VMware Tools to start in the guest". This error indicates issues with VMware tools installation inside the guest OS (Exchange VM). Possible solutions:

  4. "Failed to retrieve object access information. Specified entry does not exists: 'GUID'.". This error means that Acronis vmProtect was unable to find the VM in its infrastructure. This may be caused by incomplete synchronization between the added ESX(i) host/vCenter (Configure->ESXi hosts) and the Agent. The synchronization typically takes 0-2 minutes to complete (depending on the size of the vSphere environmnent). To resolve this issue please either wait for several minutes or re-add the ESX(i) host/vCenter under Configure->ESXi hosts and wait for 1-2 minutes before trying the operation again.
  5. "The operation is not allowed in the current state". This error means that the VM is either in offline or suspended state. It's not possible to perform Exchange-aware backup of VMs in this state.
  6. "fault.GuestComponentsOutOfDate.summary". This error means that the VMware tools inside the guest OS are out of date. Please update or re-install VMware tools inside the guest OS.

More information

Please also check solutions from Acronis vmProtect: The "Validate Credentials" Check Fails When Enabling Exchange-Aware Backup Option article if you have some different errors while enabling Exchange-aware backup.

Contact Acronis Customer Central with a reference to this article if you are still experiencing this issue.

See also Acronis vmProtect 9.


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