33314: MSI: Installation of Acronis Product Fails with WMI Error in MSI Log

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Last update: 05-05-2021

Installation of Acronis Product fails with WMI Error in MSI log. This article provides information on how to find, identify and resolve typical errors in MSI logs of Acronis software.


If the log file shows WMI in the lines preceding "Return value 3", then it means that it is WMI system that does not function properly.


Analyzing MSI log is generally done based on the error code(s) and latest operation information that can be found in the log file. Please take a look at the two examples below:

WMI Example from MSI Log:

MSI Log Cut

[CUSTOMACTION]: Secure the COM+ application:
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Get roles collection
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Populate...
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Add new role
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Set name = Administrators
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Set description = Administrators group
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Save changes ...
[CUSTOMACTION]: Granting user permissions:
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Populate...
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Add new user
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Searching for the Administrators account using WMI...
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Error code: -2147023838 [0x80070422]
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Exit code: 133
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Description:
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Help file:
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Help context: 0
Action ended 8:15:34: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.

Here you can see the following error in WMI usage context:

  • 0x80070422 - The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

This means that it is WMI system that does not function properly.

You can troubleshoot the WMI issues using instructions from Microsoft: Microsoft Technet Script Center WMI Help


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