33313: MSI: Installation of Acronis Product Fails with SnapVssProvider Error in MSI Log

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Last update: 13-11-2012

Installation of Acronis Product fails with SnapVssProvider Error in MSI log. This article provides information on how to find, identify and resolve typical errors in MSI logs of Acronis software.


If the log file shows SnapVssProvider in the lines preceding "Return value 3", then it means that the Acronis VSS Provider could not be installed. 


Analyzing MSI log is generally done based on the error code(s) and latest operation information that can be found in the log file. Please take a look at the two examples below:

SnapVssProvider Example from MSI log:

MSI Log Cut

[CUSTOMACTION]: Creating a new COM+ application:
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Creating the catalog object
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Get the Applications collection
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Populate...
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Add new application object
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Set app name = Acronis VSS Provider
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Set app description = VSS Provider
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Set app access check = true
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Set encrypted COM communication = true
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Set secure references = true
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Set impersonation = false
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Save changes...
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Create Windows service running as Local System
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Add the DLL component
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Error code: -2146368511 [0x80110401]
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Exit code: 113
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Description:
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Help file:
[CUSTOMACTION]: - Help context: 0
[CUSTOMACTION]: - COM+ Errors detected: (2)
[CUSTOMACTION]: * (COM+ ERROR 0) on C:\WINDOWS\system32\snapapivss.dll
[CUSTOMACTION]: ErrorCode: -2146368486 [0x8011041A]
[CUSTOMACTION]: MajorRef: C:\WINDOWS\system32\snapapivss.dll
[CUSTOMACTION]: * (COM+ ERROR 1) on SnapVssProvider
[CUSTOMACTION]: ErrorCode: -2146368486 [0x8011041A]
[CUSTOMACTION]: MajorRef: {5FC845EB-F299-40F0-9725-34045F7EA8BA}
Action ended 7:52:24: InstallFinalize. Return value 3

Here you can see two COM+ errors, one of them refers to SnapVssProvider and the second to snapapivss.dll. This means that the issue is with Acronis VSS Provider installation.

Here are two error codes that appear in the log:

  • 0x80110401 - Errors occurred accessing one or more objects - the ErrorInfo collection may have more detail
  • 0x8011041A - DllRegisterServer failed on component install

Most probably, the Volume Shadow Copy service is disabled or not started. You should make sure it is enabled and then start it. If it fails to start due to any reason, this means that there are some problems with VSS subsystem itself.

If starting Volume Shadow Copy service does not help, please proceed as follows:

  • Delete Acronis VSS Provider from Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer -> COM+ Applications -> System Application
  • Delete the \Windows\System32\snapapivss.dll file if it exists
  • Find and delete all registry keys (Start -> Run -> Regedit -> CTRL-F) which contain the following GUIDs:
    • F5DBCC43-B847-494e-8083-F030501DA611
    • 89CDAF20-82B6-42cd-A4B4-573C81999C35
    • 5FC845EB-F299-40f0-9725-34045F7EA8BA

      There will be keys with names beginning with SnapVSSProvider when you start searching for 5FC845EB-F299-40f0-9725-34045F7EA8BA. These keys should also be deleted.

  • Reinstall the product.
  • Reboot

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See Analyzing Installation Logs of Acronis Products Based on MSI Technology