32845: Acronis Backup: After Restoring Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6 x64 into an Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Virtual Machine Booting Fails with Kernel Panic

Last update: 30-04-2021

You attempt to restore a backup with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6 x64 into an Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization virtual machine. After restore succeeds, the vm does boot into an kernel panic.


You attempt to restore an backup where an Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6 x64 into a virtual machine on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environment.

When booting this virtual machines, the boot runs into a kernel panic.


This issue occurs in older kernels. The orginal issue is not related to Acronis Software, it also occurs, when installing this Red Hat version manually to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.


Please update the Linux Version of used Red Hat System before backing it up and create a new backup after this step.