32741: Acronis Backup and Recovery 11: Upgrading Centralized Managed Vaults on Tapes

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Last update: 12-08-2020

How to upgrade tape vaults from Acronis Backup and Recovery 10 to Acronis Backup and Recovery 11


You are using Acronis Backup and Recovery 10 in these conditions:

  • You back up to a tape drive (personal, centralized, centralized managed vault)
  • This tape drive is accessed via Acronis Storage Node (for centralized managed vaults only)
  • The vault on tape is accessible and working without any errors

You want to update to the latest build of Acronis Backup and Recovery 11.


Before you can perform the upgrade process under these circumstances, it is mandatory to fullfill these conditions:

  • The tape device is connected to the corresponding machine and works without any error
  • The Windows RSM Service is up and running during the upgrade process (this must be a Windows system that has the service)

After the upgrade process, you have to perform these steps manually:

  1. Only if you are using a managed centraliezed vault, restart the Acronis Storage Node Service manually after the upgrade process is finished. For Standalone Versions, skip this action and proceed with the point 2.
    1. Go to Start -> Run -> services.msc
    2. Right click on the service Acronis Storage Node Service and choose Restart.
  2. Run the hardware detection manually:
    1. Open the Acronis Management Console and connect to the Acronis Management Server or local machine;
    2. Load tapes to the tape device;
    3. In the Navigation tree, click Tape management. Select the storage node to which your tape device is attached (for centralized managed vaults only);
    4. Click Detect tape devices.
  3. Run an inventory manually:
    1. Click Inventory to detect the loaded tapes. Select the Fast inventorying method if Tape Library has ability to read barcodes and media have barcodes. If this method matches your conditions, you skip step 2 here.
    2. Otherwise it's mandatory to perform Full inventory. (Do not select the Move newly detected tapes from the 'Unrecognized tapes' or 'Imported tapes' pools to the 'Free tapes' pool check box.)

      (!) Full inventorying of an entire tape device may take some time.