32163: Acronis Backup: Microsoft Linux Integration Services Version v3.2 for Hyper-V Are Not Supported

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Last update: 31-03-2016

This is a known issue


  1. You have a Linux virtual machine on Hyper-V;
  2. You install Linux Integration Services Version v3.2 for Hyper-V from Microsoft download center on this machine;
  3. You install Acronis Agent for Linux in the same virtual machine;
  4. After installation completes, virtual machine freezes. After a reboot, virtual machine becomes unbootable.


Conflict between Linux Integration tools and Acronis modules.

With Linux Integration tools installed the standard driver for hard disks (piix) is replaced with a Microsoft one (hv_vmbus, hv_storvsc), as a result certain ioctls used by Acronis Agent for Linux hardware detection code cause the system disk go into an offline state.


This conflict has been resolved in 3.3 kernel version. To resolve the issue, please update the kernel of the system on virtual machine.

You can also avoid the conflict by not installing Linux Integration services.