32140: Acronis True Image: E-Mail Notification Fails with "Mail server error"

Last update: 13-01-2020

There are several possible causes. 


An attempt to send a test E-mail notification fails with the following error message:

Mail server error


There are several possible reasons:

  • A Firewall or your provider blocks the outgoing SMTP connection;
  • The connection is lost while sending an E-mail;
  • Not all of the E-mail settings were entered correctly


  1. Make sure all the E-mail settings are correct and up-to-date.

Examples of settings for some email servers:

  1. Make sure your Firewall does not block your outgoing network connections via the selected SMTP server port. Make sure your Firewall does not block the TrueImage.exe process;
  2. Check that your network provider does not block your outgoing network connections via the selected port. You can use telnet to check this. See Using telnet to Test Open Ports;
  3. Check if your e-mail provider offers alternative SMTP servers or different ports. If yes, try using these alternative settings;
  4. Check your network connection and network access to the SMTP server. For example, do this with the ping command:
    • Open Start menu, type cmd and press Enter to open Command Prompt
    • In Command prompt, type ping <SMTP server address> and press Enter;
    • Check if there are any errors reaching SMTP server

More information

This error can also occur if your computer's name contains special symbols such as _ & #. Change computer name and remove these symbols to solve the issue.