3205: Acronis Backup Advanced: Connection Errors Out with "Failed to create the channel" or "SSL Connection Failed"

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Operating Systems: 

Last update: 21-03-2014

Disable or update Bytemobile software on the machine to eliminate the issue. Also attempt to fix your LSP Layer or reset your winsock cache.

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup Advanced (Acronis Backup & Recovery)


  1. You connect to the Agent machine by clicking Manage a Remote Machine and entering a valid machine name or IP Address and valid credentials;
  2. The connection fails with the following error message:Cannot connect to...
    Code: 11,337,731 (0xAD0003)
    Code: 196,610 (0x30002)
    Message: Failed to create the channel.or Message: SSL Connection Failed
  3. (!) The connection may also hang with the same error message in the product log.
  4. If the Management Console is installed on the same machine with the Agent and you click Manage this machine, the connection is successful and the error does not appear;
  5. If you try to add the machine to Acronis Management Server, the same error message appears.


In the majority of the cases, the issue is caused by 3rd party software, which damages, miss configures the LSP Layer or takes exclusive control of it. Pay attention to programs that say "the installation will modify Winsock". 

One of causes is that the Bytemobile Web Configurator service of bytemobile software corrupts Windows library winsock.dll. As a result, Acronis software cannot create a secure connection. Please note that Vodafone Mobile Connect also uses Bytemobile Web Configurator service.

The internet download manager is also known to cause this issue.

Additional causes may be a damaged LSP Layer or missconfigured winsock settings. 



1) Bytemobile

  • On the machine where Acronis Agent is installed, disable the Bytemobile Web Configurator service:
    • Click Start -> Run and type in services.msc;
    • Double-click on Bytemobile Web Configurator;
    • Change the Startup type to Disabled. Under Service status click Stop;
    • Click OK.
  • On the same machine restart the Acronis Managed Machine Service and Acronis Remote Agent service:

    Reattempt the connection to see if the issue is resolved.

    • Click Start -> Run and type in services.msc;
    • Right-click on the Acronis Managed Machine Service and click Restart;
    • Right-click on the Acronis Remote Agent service and click Restart.
  • If you need to have the Bytemobile Web Configurator service running, please update to the latest build of the respective bytemobile software. After updating, restart the Acronis Managed Machine Service and Acronis Remote Agent service as described in the previous step.

    Reattempt the connection to see if the issue is resolved;

2) Damaged LSP

  • If the issue persists, repair the Layer Service Provider (LSP) by doing the following:
    • Download the repair tool from http://www.cexx.org/lspfix.htm;
    • Run the tool and click Finish;
    • Restart the Acronis Managed Machine Service and Acronis Remote Agent service as described at Step 1.


3) Resetting Winsock

  • If LSPfix tool did not find any problems on the machine please do the following:
    • Go to Start > Run > cmd
    • Issue the command 'netsh winsock reset'
    • Reboot the machine

4) Internet Download Manager

Download and install the latest version/beta: http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/  6.01

Quote from the site:

Internet Download Manager v6.01 beta build 4. Fixed compatibility problems with different browsers including Google Chrome. Improved FLV grabber to save videos from web players on YouTube, Google Video, MySpace TV, and other popular sites.


More information

See also Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 910435 on issues with ByteMobile Configuration Manager.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact Acronis Support.