32036: Acronis vmProtect: How to Reset Password to Default for Virtual Appliance

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Last update: 24-10-2016

Instructions on resetting the password to default (root) may be useful for you in case you forgot the password for Virtual Appliance but need to log in via web console.

These instructions can be applied to any Linux distribution where you can modify files (which is the case with Virtual Appliance).

  1. Go to Virtual Appliance console via VMware vSphere client;
  2. Issue the following command:

    vi /etc/passwd

  3. Modify the first string in passwd file: press i to enter editing mode and delete everything between the first 2 colons. The result should look like this:


  4. Hit Esc, then type :wq to save the changes
  5. Issue reboot command and wait until Virtual Appliance is rebooted;

After Virtual Appliance reboots, you can log in with admin user and root password via Web Console into Acronis vmProtect interface