31418: Acronis Backup: Backup Fails with ''Not enough space to create a volume snapshot on the volume where the snapshot storage is set"

Increase the storage size or change the storage location of the volume snapshot


Disk/partition or file-level backup fails with the following error:

Not enough space to create a volume snapshot on the volume where the snapshot storage is set.


Insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy storage file or other shadow copy data.


There is not enough space for the snapshot storage.

Once a snapshot is created during backing up, all the subsequent I/O operations are cached in a temporary storage called snapshot storage. If the amount of I/O operations is too large, the space for caching them can end.


One of the ways to avoid this issue is to perform backups when the I/O load is lower.

You can also increase the snapshot storage size or move the storage to a volume with more free space.

Acronis uses the same drive to create a shadow copy by default if VSS is enabled. Moving shadow storage to another volume could also help to perform a successful snapshot of a disk that may be damaged.

First, you need to check what snapshot provider is used:

    1. In Management Console or in Acronis Management Server go to Options -> Backup options;
    2. Go to Volume Shadow Copy section and check what snapshot provider is selected:

The solution depends on what snapshot provider is used


More information

Troubleshoot VSS-related issues with the free Acronis VSS Doctor tool. If it didn't help, please contact Acronis Customer Central.



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