31411: Acronis vmProtect: Recovery of Exchange Mailboxes Fails with "Failed to find object 'GUID' of type 'instance'"

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Last update: Mon, 2015-09-14 15:49

This article explains how to resolve the Exchange items recovery issue which occurs on mounting (running from backup) of a temporary VM

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  • Acronis vmProtect


  1. You have created an Exchange-aware backup of your Exchange server hosted on a VM on an ESX(i) host;
  2. You try to recover Exchange e-mails or mailboxes using Exchange Recovery wizard:


The problem is that the resource pool specified in Configure -> Restore Settings -> Exchange Settings no longer exists. This resource pool is used for running a temporary VM from backup required to perform Exchange items recovery.


Go to Configure -> Restore Settings -> Exchange Settings and specify some existing resource pool where you want to run the temporary VM in:

Save the changes and retry the Exchange recovery.


More information

The resource pool in Configure -> Restore Settings -> Exchange Settings is preconfigured during the first Exchange-aware backup and is set in accordance with the resource pool where Exchange VM was running at the moment of the backup. Running VM from backup is impossible inside a vApp so if your Exchange VM was in a vApp then it is likely that you will run into the issue described in this article.

The datastore specified in Configure -> Restore Settings -> Exchange Settings must meet the maximum file size requirement (can be seen in vSphere client in the properties of this datastore) so that the Exchange VM can be mounted properly. It is recommended to specify the same datastore which contains the original Exchange VM on it.

See also Acronis vmProtect 9.