30946: Acronis Backup & Recovery 11: Operation Fails with 0x01350003

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Last update: 08-04-2016

Double-click on the error to find the complete code


Operation fails with error code 0x01350003 and error message similar to:

Command 'Backing up' has failed

(!) The name of command depends on the exact operation that was performed.


The command being run by the program has failed.


The error code 0x01350003 should be just a part of the whole error.

To see the full error code you need to double click on the error record in the log:

After you double-click on the error, you will see a dialog similar to the following one:

In the bottom part of the dialog window you will see an error code. To get details on the error, use the complete code to search on Smart Error Reporting Search page.

Error Command failed is often preceded by the message that was the cause of command failure. You can search the Knowledge Base for the error code of this preceding message: resolving this issue should help resolve Command failure error.

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