30924: Acronis vmProtect: "Update the existing Acronis Virtual Appliance" Is Missing Or There Is No Appliance In The List

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Last update: 04-10-2012

Specify a random GUID on the "Notes" pane of the Virtual Appliance in vSphere

This article applies to:

  • Acronis vmProtect 7
  • Acronis vmProtect 8


  1. Acronis vmProtect 6 Virtual Appliance is installed on a ESX(i) host (optionally managed by vCenter);
  2. You run the vmProtect 7 installation file;
  3. Then choose Install Acronis vmProtect 7.0 as Virtual Appliance on an ESX(i) host;
  4. You specify IP address and credentials for an ESX(i) host or vCenter and hit Next;
  5. There is no option Update the existing Acronis Virtual Appliance available, but instead you are prompted to choose the parameters for new Acronis Virtual Appliance creation.


    The Update the existing Acronis Virtual Appliance option is present but the Virtual Appliance you want to update is not in the list.


Acronis vmProtect detects a Virtual Appliance by the special parameter – GUID, which is set in the Virtual Appliance annotations settings in vSphere. If GUID of a Virtual Appliance was modified in the notes – then the Virtual Appliance is not detected during the installation process.


To fix the issue, do the following:

  1. Open vSphere client and establish a connection to an ESX(i) host or vCenter;
  2. Navigate to the existing Virtual Appliance and open the Summary tab;
  3. Choose Edit Annotations;
  4. Specify a random GUID in the Notes pane (e.g. {AB53A0F1-AD54-480f-80BB-FC72DC41DF53}) and hit OK:

  5. Now you will be able to update this Virtual Appliance using Acronis vmProtect installer.

More information

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