30531: Acronis True Image Home 2012 Errors Out with "Failed to open item" if the Backup on an External Device Is Inaccessible

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Make sure the external device is accessible

This article applies to:

  • Acronis True Image Home 2012


  1. You have a backup located on an external device (e.g., card reader, flash drive, USB drive);
  2. You attempt to edit the backup settings:

  3. The attempt fails with the following errors:

    Error code: 0x006400D0+0x00640907+0x00AC0041+0x00AC0040+0x01AF0006+0x01AF0005+0x00040007+0x0000FFF0+0x80070057
    Error code: 0x006400D0+0x00640905+0x00AC0041+0x00AC0040+0x01AF0006+0x01AF0005+0x00040007+0x0000FFF0+0x80070057

    Error message: Failed to open item


The external device is inaccessible:

For example

  • There is no memory card in the card reader.
  • The flash drive or USB disk is inaccessible.


(!) The ability to edit a backup task with unavailable backup location has been implemented and is available in the latest build of Acronis True Image Home 2012.

For older builds please see below:

If you have a card reader, please make sure there is a memory card in the device. If not, please put it in.

If this is a flash drive or a USB disk, please make sure it is accessible - e.g. try opening it from Windows.

If you do not need the backup anymore, you can remove it from the list by clicking Remove from the list:

Alternatively, if the letter of the disk where you keep the backup has changed, you can change it back to the original one. Please see Windows: Changing an Assigned Drive Letter.

More information

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