30322: Acronis True Image Errors out "No activation ID found in the license file"

Last update: 01-04-2016

Make sure you load the correct file, or copy and paste the activation code from the file


  1. You are trying to activate Acronis True Image in offline mode;
  2. You have your activation code that you had requested from the Acronis website by clicking Save to file. You attempt to load the code in the product's activation dialog using the Load from file option;
  3. The load attempt fails with the following error message:

    No activation ID found in the license file


The file that you are trying to load is incorrect.


The file with the activation ID comes in a special format - This is the file that is saved to your hard disk when you press Save to file at the Acronis website when requesting offline activation.

You cannot just create a file (e.g. a TXT file) and copy and paste the activation ID in it. This file will not load in the product's activation dialog.

If the correct file still fails to load, please open it and copy and paste the activation ID from the file into the product's activation dialog.

More information

Please contact Acronis Support if you need assistance.