30045: Acronis vmProtect 7: New Features and Enhancements

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Last update: 13-03-2012

List of new features in Acronis vmProtect 7

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  • Acronis vmProtect 7


List of new features introduced in Acronis vmProtect 7:

  • Management from vCenter – in addition to the web-based interface first introduced in Acronis vmProtect 6, Acronis vmProtect 7 has now integration with the VMware vSphere Client console so that you can back up and recover virtual machines directly from the vCenter UI.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Recovery – Acronis vmProtect 7 ensures that its image-level virtual machine backup contains a recoverable copy of the Exchange database and handles transaction logs appropriately. It can even recover selected mailboxes, e-mail messages, calendar items, tasks, or contacts from the VM backup, or extract the entire .edb database in a consistent state. See Acronis vmProtect 7: Exchange-Aware Backup.
  • Replication – Acronis vmProtect 7 now includes both backup and incremental near-continuous replication to a stand-by virtual machine.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan – an automatically generated Disaster Recovery Plan document that provides detailed step-by-step recovery instructions that even a novice can follow. See Acronis vmProtect 7: Disaster Recovery Plan
  • ESXi Bare Metal Recovery – Acronis vmProtect 7 offers live backup of the ESXi host itself. It can recover to a bare metal server, even if the hardware is dissimilar. See Acronis vmProtect 7: Bare Metal Recovery of ESXi Hosts.

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