29868: Acronis vmProtect: Moving Backup from Appliance Attached Storage

Last update: 01-09-2015

First move the backup to a shared folder. Then move it to a place you wish

This article applies to:

  • Acronis vmProtect 6
  • Acronis vmProtect 7
  • Acronis vmProtect 8
  • Acronis vmProtect 9


Move the backup first to a shared folder. Once it is there, you can move the backup to a place you wish (e.g. HDD, FTP etc).


  1. To start the console of the Acronis Appliance, in the Appliance GUI press CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-SPACE-F1. Then press ALT-F2;
  2. This will load the console;
  3. In the console, find your virtual locally attached storage by its size:

    cat /proc/partitions

  4. Mount it as a network folder:

    asamba mount [host] [name] [share] [mpoint] [username] [password]

    See also asamba (Acronis Linux Command).

    For example

    • share - //winserver/sharedfolders/backupdata
    • mpoint - is LOCAL, in Virtual Appliance, folder to where network folder will be mounted. You should use //, not \\
    • username - domain/user1
    • mpoint - for example /tmp/mount
    • password - PassWord123

    asamba mount winserver winserver //winserver/sharedfolders/backupdata /tmp/mount domain/user1 PassWord123

  5. Copy the backup from the locally attached storage to the shared folder:

    cp [path_to_archive_folder] /tmp/mount

More information

See also Acronis vmProtect 9.