29014: Acronis Backup & Recovery 11: Backup Fails with "Failed to read the snapshot" and 0x0010C45A+0x0000FFF0

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Last update: 19-06-2017

Activate Acronis VSS provider or turn off VSS entirely

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 All Windows Editions


  1. You create a disk/partition backup task. You use the default parameters: Use Volume Shadow Copy Service(VSS), and Snapshot provider value is Software - System provider.


  2. Backup errors out with error code 0x0010C45A+0x0000FFF0 and the following error message:

    Failed to read the snapshot. The device is not ready.


Issues with Windows native VSS provider which is responsible for snapshot creation. Either VSS service was stopped or it encountered an error.


Troubleshoot VSS-related issues with the free Acronis VSS Doctor tool. If it did not help, follow instructions below.

  1. Make sure that for Volume Shadow Copy service startup type is set to Manual: 
    • go to Start -> Run -> services.msc and locate the service Volume Shadow Copy:
    • If Startup type is Disabled, right-click on the service and select Properties; in Properties window set the Startup type to Manual.
  2. If the Volume Shadow Copy service startup type is not Disabled, change VSS snapshot provider and set Acronis VSS Provider as snapshot provider. In this case snapshot will be created by Acronis software itself, but Windows VSS service will still be used to notify VSS-aware applications that the backup is about to start:

If you don't have any VSS-dependable applications (like databases) on the machine that is being backed up, you can turn off VSS entirely:

(!) If you have VSS-dependable applications on the backed up machine, the data used by them may be backed up in inconsistent state if VSS is turned off.

More information

See also Acronis Backup Software: "Failed to create volume snapshot".