2869: Acronis Backup: Backing Up to NAS

Last update: 05-02-2020

If there is an issue with backing up to NAS, provide access credentials

Some NAS models allow read access without any authentication, so there should be no issue with restoring a backup. To have write access to a NAS, however, you may need to provide credentials. You can do this easily if you are using Acronis Backup (use domain\user if your NAS is in a domain). In Acronis True Image Echo you will need to map the network drive.

Should you have any issues when accesing NAS by the name, do the following:

  • specify your NAS using UNC-path: \\NASname\ShareName
  • specify it by the IP address, e.g. \\IPofNAS\ShareName

Should you have authorization issues when backing up to NAS:

  • use the NAS build-in admin credentials;
  • update NAS firmware to the latest version.


Acronis Backup (Advanced) 11.7/11.5, Acronis Backup & Recovery 11

On the Create backup plan screen, specify your NAS in the Where to back up section and provide credentials:

Later, you can check/change the credentials by expanding Show backup file naming, access credentials, archive comments section and clicking on Access credentials:

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10

On the Create backup plan screen, tick off Advanced view. Click Change next to Access credentials under Where to back up:

Provide username and password for the NAS (for a Linux NAS letter case should be the same, if the letter case does not match the NAS user account, it may not accept the credentials):

If there are no custom credentials set to the NAS, you will need to use the default ones. Please check your NAS documentation for the default credentials.

(!) The backup to NAS may fail with an error message similar to the following one:

The selected vault is not available at the moment. Please select a different vault

If you have your NAS joined to a domain or workgroup, avoid using the top level domain extension .local; e.g. If your NAS is set to be joined to mydomain.local, then connect to your NAS and change it to Mydomain.

After changing the NAS setting, please refresh your DNS cache. to do so:

    • Start -> Run -> type in cmd and press Enter;
    • In the command prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns

Acronis True Image Echo

Map the drive by computer name by using a batch file. For complete instructions see Saving an Image to a Mapped Drive from an Acronis Backup Task Fails Sporadically.

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