2851: Acronis Backup & Recovery 10: Impossible to Restore an Image to Unallocated Space in Command-Line without "Start" Parameter

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Last update: 07-07-2009

You need to use the "start" parameter to restore an image to unallocated space through command-line


  1. Using the command-line feature you are trying to restore an image to a disk with unallocated space;
  2. For example

    trueimagecmd --restore --progress:on --partition:2-1 --target_harddisk:3 --filename:/home/2-1-backup.tib --log:/home/2-1-restore.log

  3. The restore fails with the following error message written to the log:
  4. Selected target is not unallocated space.


When restoring to unallocated space, you need to set the first sector the restored partition. This can be done with the --start parameter.


Use the --start parameter to restore to a disk with unallocated space.

The --start parameter sets the first sector of the restored partition.

For example

trueimagecmd --restore --progress:on --partition:2-1 --target_harddisk:3 --filename:/home/2-1-backup.tib --log:/home/2-1-restore.log --start: 300

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