28463: Acronis Backup: Include Domain when Specifying Credentials for RHEV Manager

When connecting to RHEV Manager, make sure you include domain in the user name


  1. You are attempting to add machines from RHEV infrastructure;
  2. To do this, you attempt to connect to RHEV Manager and provide credentials:

  3. When you click OK, the connection attempt fails with the following error message:

    TOL: Failed to execute the command. Command 'Getting virtual machines' gets the list of virtual machines from RHEV Manager. Failed to enumerate datacenters.

    0x01350016+0x0072002D+0x005300D8+0x005300DB (or 0x01350016+0x0072002D+0x005300E6+0x005300E9 for version 11.5)


The credentials have been specified incorrectly.


When connecting to RHEV Manager, you need to include domain in the user name:

  • User name: DOMAIN\user
  • Password: password


(!) As an additional means to solve the connection issue, try using "admin@internal" login as the user name.

=> This is a default built-in account created by Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager automatically during installation ("internal" - is the name of a special limited, internal administration domain; this domain is different from Active Directory and exists based on a key in the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization postgres database rather than as a directory service user on a directory server. There is only one admin@internal user in this internal domain).