2842: Recovering Separate Mailboxes and E-Mails from Information Store Backup Archives in Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange

Last update: Thu, 2009-12-03 09:39

You can recover separate mailboxes or E-Mails from a backup archive of an Information Store, but the process can be time-consuming

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Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange allows you to restore separate mailboxes and E-mails from database backup archives.

(!) To be able to restore separate mailboxes or E-mails from Information Store backup archives, it is necessary to check the Backup metadata option in Additional Settings of the Information Store backup options. See Metadata Backup in Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange.


  1. Connect from Acronis Management Console to Acronis Agent;
  2. Once connected, select Operations -> Restore Mailboxes or Tools -> Restore E-mails.

    (!) See also Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange: Empty Calendar, Journal, and Contact Items after Recovering Mailboxes from an Information Store Backup

More information

(!) Recovery of separate items from Information Store backup archives usually consumes much time, as the whole database is mounted to the Exchange instance.

See also Microsoft Exchange Server Backup Methods.