27618: Acronis True Image Home Errors Out with "Failed to open data stream" on Consolidation

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An entry for this backup is corrupt on the database

This article applies to:

  • Acronis True Image


  1. You attempt to consolidate backup versions:

  2. The attempt fails with the following error:

    Failed to open data stream


An entry about this particular backup in the product database has gone corrupt.


There are two possible workarounds:

  • You will need to recreate settings for this particular backup:
    1. Right click on the backup with the issue and select Remove from the list:

    2. Then readd the backup by clicking Browse for backup:

    3. Once you have the backup added to the list, Recreate backup settings:

  • You will need to delete the database files of the product:
    1. Delete the database file called archives.xml:
      • Windows XP: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%/Application Data/Acronis/TrueImageHome/Database/archives.xml
      • Windows Vista, Windows 7: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%/Acronis/TrueImageHome/Database/archives.xml
    2. Then restart Acronis True Image (close it and open again) that will automatically recreate archives.xml database.
  • Rebuild the database folder as described in this article