2732: Changing RAID Configuration without Changing RAID Controller Does Not Require Acronis Universal Restore

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Last update: 01-08-2014

Changing RAID configuration (e.g. RAID-1 to RAID-5) without changing RAID controller does not require using Acronis Universal Restore


If you plan to move your system from one RAID configuration to another (e.g. RAID-1 to RAID-5, or any other configuration) and are going to build it on the same RAID controller, then you do not need to use Acronis Universal Restore.

Sample scenario

  1. Back up your entire system;
  2. Reconfigure your RAID;
  3. Restore the backup to the new RAID configuration.

More information

If you are planning to change your RAID controller, you will need to add drivers for the new RAID controller during restore. The only way to do it is to use Acronis Universal Restore.