27299: Acronis True Image Errors Out with "Failed to run now"

Last update: 20-09-2016


You attempt to run a backup in Acronis True Image and receive the following message:

Failed to run now: task is already running


Failed to run the task: it is already waiting.


Either another task or the task that you are trying to launch is already running.

You may not see the progress of the task that is running due to a GUI issue.


You cannot run two tasks at the same time. Wait for completion of the task in progress. Then start a different task if necessary.

Restart Acronis True Image (close it and open again). This will not cancel the task in progress. Restarting the product will let it synchronize with the running task and you will see the task progress.

If the running task is still not displayed after restarting the product, you can stop Acronis True Image processes from Windows Task Manager:

(!) Performing the following actions will cancel the task in progress.

  1. Close Acronis True Image;
  2. Invoke Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL on the keyboard;
  3. In Windows Task Manager, click the Processes tab;
  4. Select the following processes and click End Process:
    • TrueImageHomeService.exe
    • TrueImageHomeNotify.exe
  5. Start the product again and reattempt the backup operation.

If this does not help, then please restart Acronis Scheduler2 Service:

  1. Close Acronis True Image;
  2. Press Start+Run and type services.msc

  3. Right-click Acronis Scheduler2 Service and select Restart:

  4. Start the product again and reattempt the backup operation.

More information

If the issue persists, please contact Acronis Support.