2703: Purchasing Acronis Pay-Per-Incident (PPI) Support Program

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Last update: 13-05-2021

Consumer products

Acronis Pay-per-Incident (PPI) support is a paid support program that allows you to get prompt technical assistance by email, chat or phone for a single incident for Acronis Consumer immediate previous product version after support period bundled with the product is expired.

With Pay-per-Incident support you can also get technical assistance by phone for one issue with a perpetual license both during support period and after it expires. Note that subscription-based Consumer product licenses include phone support already, see details in List of Support Options for Acronis products.

You can check price and purchase the Pay-per-Incident support in Acronis online store: https://store.acronis.com/882/purl-ppi_h_en

As soon as you have purchased the Pay-per-Incident support, you will get the phone number for contact. See details in the article How to Get Phone Support.

Hours of operation are 24x7, but during non-business hours support is provided only in English.

One Pay-per-Incident license is valid for resolution of one issue/question. The number of contacts till the incident is resolved is unlimited. PPI must be used within 365 days after purchase.

For product versions N-2 (where N is a current product version) and older, Acronis Pay-per-Incident support  is not available, an upgrade is considered a valid solution if no other options are available.

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Business products

Business products have the yearly renewable support program - Acronis Advantage. See Acronis Advantage to learn about all available support options.

If you need to renew support subscription for your Acronis Business product, please use Maintenance Renewal Request Form