2698: Acronis Bootable Media Does Not Support Mouse on HP xw9300 Workstation

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Last update: 20-07-2009

Boot the media with the "quiet i8042.noloop" parameters


  1. You boot your HP xw9300 Workstation from Acronis Bootable Media;
  2. After booting, the cursor on the screen does not respond to the mouse. Neither USB nor PS/2 mouse works.


Loading mouse drivers for HP xw9300 Workstation on Acronis Bootable Media causes the issue.


  1. Boot the computer from Acronis Bootable Media (Full version);
  2. Hit F11 key after the Starting Acronis Loader... message appears and you get to the component selection screen of the program;
  3. After you get the Linux Kernel Settings prompt, please add i8042.noloop to the end of the Linux kernel command line. So that it will be quiet i8042.noloop;
  4. Click OK. Select the full version of Acronis True Image to boot.

More information

You can also contact Acronis Support if you would like to have an ISO customized for this particular model. Please include reference to this article.