26419: Acronis Backup Advanced: Connection to Acronis Agent Fails with "Failed to establish local connection"

Start Acronis Managed Machine Service on the machine


  1. From Acronis Management Console, you attempt to connect to the local machine, or you execute Manage this machine shortcut:

  2. The connection attempt fails with the following error message and error code:

    Failed to establish local connection to Acronis Managed Machine Service



The following service responsible for Acronis Agent is not running on the machine:

Acronis Managed Machine Service


Check the Acronis Managed Machine Service and start it:

  • Open the Services applet (Start-Run -> services.msc):

  • On the Services window, right-click on the Acronis Managed Machine Service and check if it is started:

    (!) Please make sure that the name is exactly Acronis Managed Machine Service.

  • If the service is not started, right-click on it and select Start:



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