24247: Acronis vmProtect 7: Recovery Points

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Last update: Thu, 2012-04-05 10:20

Recovery points in Acronis vmProtect 7

This article applies to:

  • Acronis vmProtect 7


A Recovery point in Acronis vmProtect 7 is a state of virtual machine on a given date and time, to which the virtual machine can be reverted.

To open Recovery points interface,  go to View tab -> Recovery points:

The Recovery points view has 3 main sections:

  • Locations
  • Virtual machines catalog (is shown if at least one backup location is added)
  • Recovery points list (is shown if at least one backup location is added)

When a virtual machine is selected in the catalog, the Recovery points section shows the list of recovery points for this virtual machine:

  • Recovery Points column shows the date and time values corresponding to creation of each recovery point in the list.
  • Archive Name: shows the name of the file in the selected backup location to which this recovery point belongs.
  • Size shows the physical size of the archive (in Mb/Gb) to which this recovery point belongs.

You can see the summary information on the selected recovery point by switching to the Summary tab (information is taken from VMWare vSphere client Summary tab for the selected virtual machine).

After selecting a recovery point, you can perform one of the basic operation with it. The wizard of the selected operation will be pre-filled with information from the selected recovery point. Available basic operations are:

The selected recovery point can be deleted by clicking Delete on the ribbon menu.

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