24218: Acronis vmProtect 7: Run VM from Backup

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Last update: 09-07-2012

This operation mounts a virtual machine

This article applies to:

  • Acronis vmProtect 7


The Run VM from Backup operation mounts a backed up virtual machine which you can use.

(!) This operation can be performed only with archives located on network shares or local drives. This means that VMs from backup archives located on FTP/sFTP or Acronis Online Backup storage cannot be run from backup.


  1. On the web console home page, select Run VM from Backup:

  2. Put in the location of the backup, from which you want to run the virtual machine:

  3. Select the virtual machine and add it to the selection by clicking the right arrow ">" sign:

  4. Select a recovery point:

  5. Select where to run the virtual machine:

    In this step you should define where to run the selected virtual machine(s).

    You can choose between the ESX hosts managed by Acronis vmProtect Agent. If the necessary ESX host is not shown in the list then you should make sure that it is added. See Acronis vmProtect 7: Adding ESX Host.

    Once the ESX host is defined the list of available resource pools and datastores is build up automatically where you can define the exact location for the mounted virtual machine(s).

    In the Mounted VM name postfix field you must specify the postfix for the mounted virtual machine name. This is necessary since running two virtual machines with the same name on one ESX host is not possible (this is usually the case when you mount a VM on the ESX server which already has the original VM running on it). The mounted VM will be named using the following convention (default):


  6. Select whether you want to power or the virtual machine immediately after the mount and connect it to network, and click Run Now:

More information

See also Acronis vmProtect.