24203: Acronis vmProtect 7: Backing Up

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Last update: 05-04-2012

Add an ESX host, then back up the machines or dynamic groups

This article applies to:

  • Acronis vmProtect 7


First, you need to add ESX host(s). See Acronis vmProtect 7: Adding ESX Host.


  1. On the web console home page, click Backup:

  2. Select the virtual machines or vApps that you want to back up:

    The list of virtual machines shows which ESX hosts/vCenters are managed by Acronis vmProtect Agent.

    If you do not see certain machines, make sure that you have added the corresponding ESX. See Acronis vmProtect 7: Adding ESX Host.

    Select the virtual machines by moving the machines from the list on the left to the right one via ">" and "<" buttons:

    You can back up dynamic groups of the machines by selecting the upper level container (e.g. ESX host or VMs folder):

    All the machines running inside this group will be included into the backup selection automatically. If later on there are some new machines created under this container, they will be backed up automatically by the task which you are creating now.

  3. Put in the location path and archive name:

  4. Schedule the backup task or do not create a schedule by checking the Do not schedule, run on demand box:

  5. Specify the retention rules, backup type and/or enable Exchange-Aware Backup:

  6. Save & Run the task or just Save the task:

More information

See also Acronis vmProtect 7: Web Console.