23791: Acronis Backup: Backups Subject to Deletion Are Marked with a Trash Can or Red Cross and Not Deleted

Last update: 10-02-2017

The differential and incremental backups are automatically deleted only when the full backup is deleted


  1. You set up a backup plan to have incremental, differential and/or full backups automatically deleted from a managed vault with the backup consolidation set to off);
  2. When the time comes, the backups subject to deletion are not removed. Instead, they are marked with a trash can or red cross sign (depending on the product build):


With the current Acronis Backup design, backups that have dependencies are deleted only when all the dependent backups are due to deletion.

For example, you have a full backup with a differential backup to it. When it is time to delete the full backup according to the retention rules, the backup will be marked for deletion, but will only be deleted when the differential one is removed.


The backups pending deletion will be removed in due time - when all the dependent backups are removed.

More information

Acronis Development Team is working on redesigning the behavior. This article will be updated once this is implemented.