2363: Using Group Policy Management Console

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Last update: 07-07-2009

How to collect Group Policies in a domain using Group Policy Management Console

This article applies to:

  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows XP


The Microsoft Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) lets collect information on Group Policies of any object (user account, computer, group) within a domain.


  1. Download and install GPMC:
  2. Start GPMC:

    Start -> Run -> gpmc.msc

  3. Choose Group Policy Modeling, right-click on it and select Group Policy Modeling Wizard;
  4. Select the domain, choose Any available domain controller... and click Next;
  5. On the next step fill in the Computer field under Computer information section (click Browse, specify the domain controller name and click OK to add it). Mark the option Skip to the final page of this wizard without collecting additional data and click Next;
  6. Again click Next and wait until the simulation is processed. Click Finish, and the report will be generated;
  7. Click on the Settings tab, right-click on Security Settings and choose to Save Report... and save it as HTML file.

More information

You can also view a short video on how to collect Group Policies using Group Policy Management Console: