2346: Acronis Snap Deploy Errors Out with "Failed to map bios disk"

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Last update: 31-07-2013

Deployment fails because there is no disk at all, Acronis Linux fails to detect it, or there is not enough free space

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Snap Deploy


Deployment with Acronis Snap Deploy fails with the following error message:

Failed to map bios disk X

where X is the number of the disk in BIOS to which the master image is to be deployed (as per the deployment template)


Cause 1

The disk specified in the template is not present in the target system:

  • The disk is not present at all (e.g. the second disk is specified in the template to have the master image deployed to it, but there is only one disk in the target system, i.e. there is no Disk 2 present);
  • The target disk is not detected in Acronis Linux (i.e. Acronis Linux kernel fails to detect the hardware properly).

Cause 2

A master image has several partitions, and some partitions do not have enough free space (e.g. there is a hidden service partition); and this image is deployed to a target disk of smaller capacity. During the deployment Acronis Snap Deploy attempts to resize all the partitions proportionally to fit the target drive, and fails on the service partition resize.

Cause 3

If mass storage controller is in IDE mode instead of AHCI/SATA (or vice versa) and there are two or more hard disks on the machine, then the kernel might have a different number for the target drive than the one in BIOS.


Cause 1

  1. Ask the customer to check that the drive specified in the deployment template is present in the target system;
  2. Make sure the customer is using the latest build of the product. See also Installation of the latest update of an Acronis product;
  3. If the drive is still not detected, gather the following information:
    • Acronis Linux Report from the target machine;
    • Acronis Report from the target machine;
    • The relevant deployment template from \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Acronis\DeployServer\Configs\ folder on the machine where Acronis OS Deploy Server is installed.

    Escalate the issue. See Tier 1 Escalation Guidelines.

Cause 2

Ask the customer to change the deployment template and deploy the master image without the service partition.

Cause 3

If the mode is IDE, try switching to AHCI/SATA.

If the mode is AHCI, try switching to IDE.

More information

See also AHCI Interface Support in Acronis Products.