21784: Acronis Backup Advanced: Impossible to Delete Centralized Managed Vault

Last update: 24-07-2017

Remove Storage Node and re-add it


  1. You try to delete a centralized managed vault from Acronis Management Server;
  2. The operation fails with a message similar to the following one:

    Module: C:\Program Files\Acronis\StorageNode\StorageServer.exe

    Message: Failed to delete vaults ('arl:/7054B153-33BE-4E1A-BCB5-68B8B7C849EC/61650EE1-8387-4AE3-9B1E-E6ADFE18445D').

    Code: 2,555,910(0x270006)

    Message: Unknown vault '61650EE1-8387-4AE3-9B1E-E6ADFE18445D'.


Issue in the product.

This error message appears if information about the vault is different on Acronis Management Server and on Acronis Storage Node (e.g. if the vault was detached incorrectly). Because of the difference, the vault cannot be deleted properly.


Remove the Storage Node with this vault from Acronis Management Server and add it again:

  • Connect to Acronis Management Server and select Storage Nodes on the Navigation pane;
  • Select a Storage Node to which the vault in question is attached and press Remove;
  • Re-add the Storage Node to Acronis Management Server.