21721: Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Virtual Edition: Simultaneous Backup of Virtual Machines

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Last update: 08-04-2016

Simultaneous backup of virtual machines in Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Virtual Edition

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Virtual Edition


Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Virtual Edition allows backing up several virtual machines simultaneously. 

Simultaneous backup is supported for the following platforms:

  • VMware vSphere (Virtual Infrastructure)
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

You can define the number of machines to be backed up simultaneously in backup plan options (the preset value is 2):

  1. Open backup options: go to Plan parameters -> Backup options to set options for a single plan, or select Options -> Default backup options in the console to set default backup options for all backup plans;
  2. Go to Simultaneous VM backup section, and check the option Back up multiple virtual machines simultaneously. Set how many virtual machines you want to back up simultaneously (maximum value is 10):

How it works

If, according to the backup plan, a Hyper-V or ESX agent has to start backing up multiple VMs at once, with the default value of 2 it will choose two machines. (To optimize the backup performance, the agent tries to match machines stored on different storages.) Once any of the two backups is completed, the agent chooses the third machine and so on.

To prohibit simultaneous backup, clear the Back up virtual machines simultaneously check box. The backups of your VMs will be queued and executed one by one.

(!) Backing up multiple machines on the same host simultaneously may significantly increase the load on the host.

More information

This option helps you fit more backups in a narrow backup window.

In case of ESX(i) environment, the intensively working Agent for ESX(i) (Virtual Appliance) increases its host's load. This may slow down the backups and affect the production servers' performance. If the backup speed is still insufficient, consider installing Agent for ESX(i) (Windows) on a separate physical machine. The agent can share the load with the virtual appliances or undertake backup of all the machines.

Remember that you can make a different setting for each agent, depending on its host load, available transports (LAN, SAN, Hot-add) and other factors. To do so, connect the console to the agent and select Options > Default backup and recovery options > Simultaneous VM backup. These settings will be used unless you override them with the common setting set in the backup plan.

See also Acronis Backup & Recovery 11: Supported Virtualization Platforms.