21651: Acronis Backup: Specifying Task Credentials

Last update: 01-04-2016

It is recommended to use administrator credentials (user is better to have at least Backup Operators or Administrators membership) when you create a backup plan.

When you create a backup plan, the product by default sets the access credentials of the user under which you are currently logged in on the current machine or connect to a remote machine with Acronis Agent.

To set the credentials explicitly, you will need to click Show plan's credentials under Plan parameters:

If the administrator credentials are changed after a backup plan has been created, the task will fail to run. You will need to change the task's credentials to the valid ones.

To change the credentials of an existing plan, do the following:

  • Connect to the Acronis Agent and click Backup plans and tasks:

  • Right-click on the task and select Edit:

  • Click Show plan's credentials under Plan parameters:

(!) If you specify the task credentials explicitly, the task will always run under the same credentials - regardless of the user who actually starts the task.