1922: ls (Acronis Linux Command)

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Last update: 27-05-2010

Lists directory contents


  • ls [-1AacCdeFilnpLRrSsTtuvwxXhkK] [filenames...]


  • -1 list files in a single column
  • -A do not list implied . and ..
  • -a do not hide entries starting with .
  • -C list entries by columns
  • -c with -l: show ctime
  • -d list directory entries instead of contents
  • -e list both full date and full time
  • -F append indicator (one of */=@|) to entries
  • -i list the i-node for each file
  • -l use a long listing format
  • -n list numeric UIDs and GIDs instead of names
  • -p append indicator (one of /=@|) to entries
  • -L list entries pointed to by symbolic links
  • -R list subdirectories recursively
  • -r sort the listing in reverse order
  • -S sort the listing by file size
  • -s list the size of each file, in blocks
  • -T NUM assume Tabstop every NUM columns
  • -t with -l: show modification time
  • -u with -l: show access time
  • -v sort the listing by version
  • -w NUM assume the terminal is NUM columns wide
  • -x list entries by lines instead of by columns
  • -X sort the listing by extension
  • -h print sizes in human readable format (e.g., 1K 243M 2G )
  • -k print security context
  • -K print security context in long format

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