1917: asamba (Acronis Linux Command)

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Last update: 27-05-2010

Allows to access smb shares

The asamba command allows to access smb shares.


  • asamba masters
  • asamba master [workgroup]
  • asamba resolve [name]
  • asamba resolve [name] [wins]
  • asamba status [host]
  • asamba hosts [host] [name]
  • asamba shares [host] [name]
  • asamba shares [host] [name] [username] [password]
  • asamba mount [host] [name] [share] [mpoint]
  • asamba mount [host] [name] [share] [mpoint] [username] [password]
  • asamba dhcp - leases an IP from the LAN DHCP server


# asamba mount 10.1250.144.121 ShareName /tmp/mount UserName Password

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