1911: sysinfo (Acronis Linux Command)

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Provides information about the system in Acronis Linux

The output of sysinfo command is the information about the system environment, namely, it includes the following outputs:

  • dmesg (this command is used to examine or control the kernel ring buffer and its output prints Linux boot-up messages)
  • lspci (PCI devices)
  • cat /proc/bus/usb/devices (USB devices)
  • cat /proc/bus/ieee1394/devices (FireWire devices)
  • cat /proc/partitions (hard disk partitions)
  • cat /proc/interrupts
  • cat /proc/modules (modules with hardware drivers)
  • kernel version
  • compilation time

On ramdisks starting from 25/05/2009, sysinfo command collects the following information as well: 

  • all *.log files (except hotplug.log one) from the /tmp directory;
  • /bin/getmeta output which is converted by uuencode to /tmp/*.log files.

In order to create usual sysinfo output without any additional data one can use the following command: 

# sysinfo -s

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