1910: umount (Acronis Linux Command)

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Unmounts a file system in Acronis Linux

The umount command detaches the file system found on a device from the file tree after it was mounted with the mount (Acronis Linux Command).

The standard form of the umount command, is the following:

umount dir

This tells the kernel to detach the file system from the dir directory.


  • -a Unmount all file systems in /etc/mtab
  • -n Do not erase /etc/mtab entries
  • -r Try to remount devices as read-only if mount is busy
  • -l Lazy umount (detach filesystem)
  • -f Force umount (i.e., unreachable NFS server)
  • -D Do not free loop device (if a loop device has been used)


$ umount /dev/hdc1

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