1897: "Failed to create TFTP session" Error Message Appears

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Last update: 02-06-2009

A non-Acronis application blocks Port 69

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Multiple Failed to create TFTP session error messages are written to the operations log when you are going through the Configure PXE-Server wizard.


The failure is caused by an application that uses Port 69. Acronis Snap Deploy requires Port 69 to transmit data to the client computer.


  1. Find out which application uses Port 69 by running the netstat utility:

    1. Click Start -> Run;
    2. Type in cmd and hit Enter;
    3. Run netstat -b;
    4. Find the line which has 69 after the ":" symbol in the Local Address field and find the application name below between the "[" and "]" symbols.
  2. Turn this application off and try configuring Acronis PXE Server again;

  3. If the issue persists even after shutting down all the applications that use Port 69, contact Acronis Support with reference to this article. 

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