1871: Partition Still Has Bad Sectors After it was Restored to a Different Location

Last update: 21-12-2010

Sectors are marked as bad after an image is restored

This article applies to:


  1. You back up a hard disk with bad blocks;
  2. You restore the backup to a new hard disk that has no bad blocks;
  3. After the restore there are bad blocks on the new hard disk.


When Acronis product creates a backup archive of a partition or a disk that has bad sectors, it records the information regarding the bad sectors as well.

If you restore the backup archive, you will have these bad sectors on the new location. The sectors will not be actually bad, but they will be marked as bad in the file system, because the backup is restored without any changes.


To avoid transferring bad sectors to the new location, restore the backup archive resizing the partition(s). See Acronis True Image: Resizing Partitions during Restore to Larger/Smaller Hard Drive.

You can also run the chkdsk /r command on the restored disk. This will fix the sectors incorrectly marked as "bad".

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