1855: How to Verify Installation File Was Downloaded Flawlessly

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How to check the installation file was downloaded completely and correctly


Sometimes you may need to make sure that an installation file was downloaded flawlessly. You can either check the digital signature or calculate its checksum and compare it with that of the original one.


Way 1: verifying digital signature

  1. Right-click on the file -> Properties -> Digital Signatures.
  2. Check if the file has Acronis signature.
  3. Click on Details and check if you can see "This digital signature is valid". Then the file is downloaded completely.

Way 2: verifying MD5 checksum

The original checksum of an installation file for your product can be checked in My Products and Downloads section in your account on Acronis website.

See also Registering Acronis Products at the Website.

Read the following instructions on using the eXpress CheckSum Calculator to calculate the checksum of a file:

  • Download the eXpress CheckSum Calculator and install it:

    Hash calculator archive

  • Run the application:

    Hash calculator window

  • Browse to the file and click Start:


  • Now you can compare MD5 checksum with the original one from the website to make sure the files are identical.

More information

(!) To calculate checksum in Linux, open a terminal and issue the following command:

$ md5sum [file] 


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