1855: How to verify if Acronis installation file has been downloaded correctly

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Last update: 03-02-2023


When Acronis software cannot be installed with error "%1 is not a valid Win32 application", "Unknown publisher" or other, or hangs, you may want to check if Acronis installation file has been downloaded correctly. It can be done either by checking the digital signature of the installation file or by comparing its checksum to the correct checksum, available under Acronis account.

Provided solution can also be used to verify that there have been no unauthorized changes to the Acronis True Image installation package (build) by a third-party.


Method 1: Check if the installation file has a valid Acronis digital signature.

  1. Right-click on the downloaded Acronis installation file, select Properties, click on the Digital Signatures tab.
  2. The list of digital signatures should be presented. If Digital Signatures tab is missing or empty, please re-download Acronis installation file using other web browser or even from a different computer, then check if Acronis digital signatures are listed under Digital Signatures tab. There could be one or more digital signatures. If you see just one, it is totally correct and you can proceed to the next step.
  3. Click on each of the signatures in the list to select them, and then click Details button. The status text just below "Digital Signature Information" should be saying This digital signature is OK and Acronis should be in the Signer information - Name field.

    If there is other status text, a warning, an error, or the window "Digital Signature Details" does not open at all, the installation file must have been downloaded incorrectly. Use a different web browser or even a different computer to re-download it. Do not use any download accelerators as they may be the cause of corrupted downloads.

Method 2. Verify the checksum of the installation file

You can check that the installation file is not corrupted, damaged or altered in any way by calculating its checksum (fingerprint) and comparing it to the correct checksum, available under Acronis account.

If they match, you can be sure that the installation file was downloaded correctly and is exactly what we have on our servers.

If they do not match, the installation file should not be used for installation. It could have been downloaded incompletely, incorrectly or was damaged or corrupted during or after the download by other programs. In this case try downloading the file again from Acronis account using a different browser with disabled download accelerators (if any), or even from a different computer, from a different network.

Step 1. Calculate the MD5 checksum of the installation file

MD5 checksum can be calculated either by using a third-party software or by using a native Microsoft Windows command-line tool certutil.


Step 2. Compare it to the correct MD5 checksum provided by Acronis 


More information

(!) To calculate checksum in Linux, open a terminal and issue the following command:

$ md5sum [file]