1844: Acronis Group Server Errors Out with "Member Invoke Failed" on Windows 2000 Server

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Last update: 17-06-2009

Acronis Group Server installed on Windows 2000 Server crashes when trying to add an Agent

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  1. Acronis Group Server is installed on Windows 2000 Server;
  2. You connect to Acronis Group Server through Acronis Management Console;
  3. Once connected, on the Group Tasks Management window you click Add to add a machine with Acronis Agent;
  4. After you select an Agent and click OK, Acronis Group Server crashes with an error message similar to the following one:

Member invoke failed (0xE000B)
path = "this.>>>OnFinish",
token = "OnFinish",
line = 1),
column = 6)
Tag = 0x298D61E7C0088C8C
Error while executing DataWalker expression. (0xE0000)
path = "eval LoadScript('AddComputerScript') >>>end",
line = 1),
column = 26)
Tag = 0x83D6A86BA3ABB678
Acronis Network connection terminated. (0x120016)
token = "[fobject.dll]"
Tag = 0x5BD717A65CD58DD4


This is an issue in the product.


The issue has been fixed.

Update to the latest build of Acronis True Image Echo. See Downloading the Latest Build of Acronis Software.

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