1819: Cleaning Up Backup Location in Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange

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Last update: Thu, 2009-03-26 18:18

How to create and schedule a task to clean up backup locations


Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange allows you to schedule an automatic clean-up of backup locations where archives are stored. By default, this option is disabled.


  1. Launch the Backup Location Clean-up wizard by clicking on the icon in the main program window;

  2. On the Task Execution Account window provide a local or domain account which is valid on the computer where the archives are stored. The domain name must be specified if the user is a member of a domain (DOMAIN\Username). The account must have rights and permissions to manage files in the backup location:

  3. On the Backup Location Selection window choose the backup location that you want to have automatically cleaned:

  4. If there are any password-protected archives in the selected backup location, then provide a password;

  5. On the Clean-up Options window choose Use the GFS scheme or Use the simple scheme:

    GFS scheme

    Grandfather-Father-Son (GFS) scheme will keep three sets of backups in the selected location. This scheme, if chosen, is activated on the day the first full backup was created. The three sets of backups will be:

    • All backup archives (full and incremental) for the current week (7 days starting from the day of creating the first full backup);
    • One full backup for each week of the current month;
    • One full backup for each month of the current year.

    (!) In this scheme months and years calculation is based on a lunar calendar (cycles of the moon phase), i.e. one month is 28 days, one year is 13 lunar months (364 days).

    Simple scheme

    Select Use the simple scheme option to specify the following parameters:

    • Minimum free space. Select this parameter to check the remaining free space and to specify the minimum size in GB. With this option selected, you will be able to specify the minimum number of full backups to keep and the minimum lifetime of archives to store (in days).
    • Maximum number of full backups. Select the Remove the oldest archives if the total number of full backups is more than check box and put the maximum number of full backup archives to store.
    • Maximum archive's lifetime. Select the Remove archives that are more than check box and put the maximum number of days to store archives in the day(s) old box.

    (!) One full backup archive with a chain of incrementals will always be kept in the backup location. The clean-up task will work only if there is more than one full backup.

  6. Schedule the time when you want this task to run:

  7. On the Backup Location Clean-up Summary window click Finish.

More information

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